Hello Hunny Bunnies!

I just know I should not be writing y’all, but Javvy said it was okay, is that okay? Of course, I’m not allowed to say I know Javvy, I know that, but gosh, if you know Madame Bee, you know Javvy, am I not correct? So, if you know Bee and you know Javvy, then I am sure I know you too because this Hunny collects all her little bunnies from the same hutch!

And that’s what they call deeductive reasoning. I know because I read it in a book where this deetective solved a murder no one else could solve, and that was because he was the murderer! Can you imagine?!

But really I mean it was kind of a cheat, because he knew all along who’d done it, so there was no way I could figure it out ahead of him, and that is no fun and not right! I know you agree!

Do you not?

So what is the story with this group that’s putting on M.Bee’s memorial, these Mysterious Writers of America? Why are they mysterious? Why don’t they want us to know who they are? What are they hiding? And why would M.Bee choose them to put on her memorial, how could she trust a whole bunch of mysterious people, what if they are doing a whole memorial totally different than she wanted? And how come this Hunny didn’t know that Bee knew them? This is mysterious all around, do you not think? I don’t know how to be deeductive about this at all, not when people are hiding things from me.

So we better watch these mysterious writers like a hawk. Hunny Bunnies, time to go hawk, you hear? At the memorial, caww caww caww caww, we are hawks, nothing gets by us, okay? Hawk eyes and hawk beaks and hawk claws. Caw caw.

I’m being deeductive when I say something is very very wrong here. I know Javvy doesn’t understand how Bee could be found dead where she was found dead, that whole inverted locked room thing, and I don’t understand it at all because how can Javvy say you can be locked into a place when it’s really that you are locked out of the other place? So we need to focus on that too, when we are at the memorial. I think the locks and the doors and the whole thing is going to be there somehow in person so we can deeduct on it.

Poor M.Bee. I miss her. I miss him too. I miss all of M.Bee.

If you want to contact me, Hunny Lou,

email me at HunnyBunnyLou@proton.me

Just write “Caww caww”, and I’ll know it’s you,

a Hunny Bunny being a total hawk.

Don’t worry, M.Bee, we’ve got your back. You’re not dead to us, just on hiatus like every time you went and had your pretty-up surgery. I just keep thinking we are all going to be sad at your memorial, and then you’re going to suddenly walk in and start dancing with us and maybe yell swear words at someone and throw a champagne glass or a shar-cute-a-ree plate. In fact, I am sure of it. Say “cheese”! Go Bee!

TTFN and big goopy kisses to all you Hunny Bunnies — see you April Thirty — and I will be wearing a very special, a very gentle, a very sweet blush pink ensemble so don’t none of you wear any shade of pink to M.Bee’s resurrection memorial, that’s MY color palette, always has been, not a secret!

And YOU, you stick to your own wheel, you know who you are, Heckuba Gandolfini, Miss Black Meets Blue! If you don’t want people always thinking you’re a witch, then stop dressing medieval and go sit on your pointy hat! Prophesy is so, so, so yesterday!

And hello Captain Addy! I know you’re seeing this ’cause I know what a good security investigator you are! And I don’t blame you for what happened to M.Bee on your watch. I know you’ll be deeductive and find the truth, but if it turns out you did it, then that’s just not fair, not at all! Personally, I think it’s — well, I’m not going to say, not til I’m all dressed and fussed over and at M.Bee’s event on April 30 at the Kiana Lodge.

So, wicked pumps or thigh-high boots, my Hunny Bunnies, which spikes do you want me in at the memorial?

Vote via email: pumps or boots? HunnyBunnyLou@proton.me