April 30, 2023 and, no, it’s not too early to calendar this, because space is limited to this first in-person MWA NW event since Covid!

Invitation to a Life (post-mortem)

MWA Northwest is honored to host this live in-person event at the Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo, Washington (actual site of Laura Palmer’s demise).

the preseNce Of your person is requesTed on April 30, 2023, for The one day celebration of tHe lIfe of philanthropiSt/artist/pErformer/ sociAlite/changeling madame belle epoque, whoSe untimelY, unexpecTed, and cOnfusing “accidental” death iS still a mystery waiting tO be soLved.

the guest list for this celebration is limited only to those found in the madame’s hand-written notes, so this inVitation is not transfErable. identities will be confirmed At the door—coMe prepared to prove yoUr Relationship to maDame—and no prEss are allowed undeR any circUmstances.

madame’s first ex-husbaNd (and second ex-wife) javvy is aLso Expressly uninvited, at madame’S explicit inStructions. indeed, anyone even menTioning that name Will be ushered Out by security and escorted off the property. as soMe of you may stIll be frieNds with javvy or think yoU have been promiSed a share Of madame’s vast estate through javvy, please be forewarNed.

drEss should reflect care and self-expressIon. madame very much wanted her gueSts To feel “at Home” but Respectful of both the solEmnity and thE wArmth of the occasioN. anD do feel free to bring gifts, offerings, photos, or tokens commemorating your experiences With madamE.

in Addition to spending time with madame’s fRiends and family, thEre will be severAl “experts” in attendance who have Long experience with mysteries such as this and beLieve the data Might just prOve elementaRy and worthy of both thE current and next generatiOn. Read what came before that which you knew as the beginning, and new impossibiLities will bEckon from ahead.

meanwhile, your needS for food and drink will be well-Sated, and the event will variously take place both indoors (in the multiple rooms of the main lodge) and outside by water’s edge. and, yes, there will be s’mores by the fire… unless matters take an unexpected turn. (maybe don’t wear your best shoes.)